Love is a Tango Catrin Welz-Stein

A couple. A woman, leading a blind man. She looks tired, rumpled – a little bit undone. I wonder if he knows. If in his head she is the most beautiful woman in the world, that they are glorious in the morning sun, parading down platform 3 arm in arm. Because she is, because they are.

Image: Love is a Tango by Catrin Welz-Stein.

Hey Hey! We’re the Monkeys

Monkey Tangerie National Park

Earlier this year we went to Africa, and I’m finally getting round to sorting through the thousands of photos I took. Like these ones. We’d stopped in the picnic area of Tangerie National Park in Tanzania.  It was on top of a hill and looking out over the plane there were hundreds of elephants. As we were eating a little squirrel darted around our feet looking for crumbs, and we could hear squawks  and rustling in the nearby bushes. After lunch I wandered over to the source  of the commotion. Monkeys! I ducked under the branches and while they watched me warily at first, they kept on with what they were doing, and they didn’t seem to mind the shutter sound on the camera either. I felt all David Attenborough-y.

Monkey Tangerie National Park

Mother grooming baby monkey

Monkey Tangerie National Park Supercuteness.

Mother holding baby monkey

Mother holding baby monkeyThere was such a maternal, human feeling between this mum and her baby.  She was very affectionate – it looks just like love!African squirrel

And … the squirrel!