On the train this morning. There is a little boy in front of me, face up against the window as we go over the bridge, in nose pressed against the glass, open mouthed, unabashed, wide eyed wonder. There is so much to see and he can’t take it all in: a ferry, the opera house, the water, buildings, the shining and sparkling and the sky and the colours – his hands are tapping at the window like he could break it and just fly off into the filled up euphoric beauty beauty of it all. I’ve noticed that when the train streams out of the tunnel onto the bridge at Wynyard all the blank faced sleep deprived commuters sit up straighter, turn their eyes to the light. But right now, coming home at sunset, I’m sitting on the train going over the bridge and the sky is this amazing tangerine like you could drink it and the city is a honeycomb of gold light, but mostly people are reading, playing on their phones, I’m writing.

When did we become so uninterested: too cool, too tired, too jaded, too distracted, to soak in amazement and bliss like the kid this morning? When did we stop noticing?


2 comments on “Bridge

  1. I don’t know if it makes us unique, but we certainly become very focussed on specific things at the expense of others. But maybe it’s because we have the luxury to look beyond our next meal, we take our aliveness for granted so we don’t need to notice it. But what scares me is how mundane life becomes, even when we have so much, all this technological wizardry and abundance, and really its just so fucking beautiful and amazing, but half the time we’re more bored and harried and tired and cynical than ever.

  2. We lose it with our virginity; the first time we drink; our first pay check. The more we think we know, the less we wonder. But really, a lot of what we know are of our own creation in a society we have created. We create our own problems and then resolve them with a great sense of acheivement, so often forgetting about the universe outside. There is still so much we don’t know about the big wide yonder – we just don’t like to admit it.

    The ability to notice and ignore is what makes humans unique.

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