3 good things

So apparently one of the things that is actually, seriously, undoubtedly proven to make you happier is to write down three good things at the end of every day. Little thanks I guess, like this quite lovely blog. Now for one reason or another, or no reason at all,  I haven’t been feeling so much myself recently: the usual inexplicable and unescapable anxiety and low moods that I get sometimes, and seeming that I now know what to do when they strike I popped along to the psychologist like a good girl. Among other things, the nice lady suggested I try writing down my three things that went well every day. Getting out of bed for example. Sometimes that could be a good thing. I have heard about this idea before and been skeptical, but with little to lose and grasping at straws I bought a note book (good thing number one – stationary) and gave it a shot.

Good thing number one day two, Audrey Tautou. I found Amelie on my computer at work and brought it home (technically a retrospective good thing) and fell asleep in front of it which meant I got to watch the end in the morning with my tea.


Because I was watching Amelie I missed my bus. But it was pouring and I remembered my umbrella, so this was the second good thing.

It also meant that I got to listen to Bill Callahan for longer. You too can listen here  and also here. Third good thing and I hadn’t even got my coffee yet.

Writing down the good means that suddenly days seem impossibly full of nice things. New yellow undies, good conversations with friends, wandering round the city in the rain and everything shining, finding the most amazing pair of ’90s fluro swimmers in vinnies – not only because now I have amazing fluro swimmers which also have little black frills and fish pictures, but also because it means one day it will be summer again, how nice it is to come home when someone’s been baking and the kettle’s on, catching up with old friends over Sri Lanken and it feeling more like a week than a year since you saw them last, and while I’m there I’m going to add hoppers which are quite possibly the best desert ever, a story finally coming together, waking up to the sound of rain, reading Sexing the Cherry and drinking coffee all morning. Many more things than three. Things overlooked and forgotten when your mind is playing a constant negative loop and unhelpful thoughts are imprinted on the inside of your skull. I really think you shape the world by how you see it, it’s just that sometimes my mind can’t quite seem to see the good. Sometimes it just needs help I guess, and all the good it can get.


3 comments on “3 good things

  1. Great writing Rosie. You’ve encouraged me to look for lovely things big and little as I go about my day. It really does make you more appreciative of little things you take for granted.

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